The Christmas-Collector-Exchange will not take place this year!

The Christmas-Collector-Exchange is the largest, most versatile and most popular antiques and brocant Exhibition of Switzerland. With approximately 18`000 visitors and 320 exhibitors, the Exchange has become one of the most important meeting places for collectors, art and antique lovers in Europe.

Founded in 1973, the Christmas-Collector-Exchange has established itself as a popular, traditional event during the pre-Christmas season in the City of Zurich and in Switzerland as a whole. The unique blend of exquisite antiques and inexpensive objects, which are usually only found in cities like Paris, make up the fascinating charm of the event. It is a feast for the eyes and senses and a true treasure trove of unusual gift ideas.

The exhibition surprises with dignified old jewelry, rare watches, precious furniture, Swiss craft products, embroidery, hard to find Christmas decorations, antique tin toys, wax dolls and many more collectables. Solid and timeless crafted antiques stand for sustainability and reflection. They stand eternal against the short-lived mass merchandise and today’s dispensable culture. The exhibition not only provides experts the opportunity to view the antiques as they would be seen in the internet, but also allows them to truly examine and value them.